Agricultural Commodities In Nigeria

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In the days of subsistence farming, farmers grew crops predominantly for the survival of self and kin. This however attended to immediate needs which were barely a solution to a…

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Mining Potential In Africa

Commodities, Consultancy, Economy, Industry News, Mining

In Nigeria, mining is yet to reach the heights and production levels as experienced in other Africa countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe or Botswana to mention a few. The…

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Waste Management – Recycling

Consultancy, Industry News, Waste Management

As Waste Management experts it is imperative to note that the survival and thriving of any ecosystem heavily rely on how this is properly maintained. Recycling should move beyond the…

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Renewable Energy In Nigeria

Economy, Industry News, Waste Management

SD Global Impact Services Limited is striving to be the leading player in the renewable energy sector and sees a huge potential the sector holds. The contribution to the Nigerian…

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