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Waste Management Services

Waste Management

We provide vital solutions for identifying and controlling potential environmental, social and health impact of oil, domestic, clinical and other sources of waste with an aim of evaluating alternatives and design appropriate environmental and social management plans to suit the life-cycle.

  • Recycling – We at SD Global believe that recycling creates reduction and offer direct development opportunities for communities when collected with skill and care, and upgraded with quality in mind. Discarded materials are a local resource that can contribute to local revenue, job creation, business expansion and the local economic base. We are engaged in buying and recycling scrap metal such:
    1. Iron
    2. Copper
    3. Brass
    4. Aluminum
  • Renewables – Our target is based on providing a solution to the safe and efficient disposal of clean-up waste material that has resulted from
    the oil industry activities in the Niger Delta particularly, clinical and
    municipal household waste with the objective of contributing towards a sustainable and reliable localized power source.

Waste to Energy Project

The proposed Energy from the Waste facility is not new and the technology is well proven. At the most, there are considerations for an initial provision of a 5-20 MW capacity facility with an effective operating life in the region of 20 years.

    BENEFITS: Cost effective way of waste disposal

  • Reduces landfills, removes uncontrolled methane, foul odours and health hazards.
  • Job provider and opportunity for other business entrepreneurs.
  • Provide a lasting solution to the waste management challenges in the Nigeria.
  • Removes reliance on diesel, HFO and gas power systems.
  • Provides diversification of local energy supply / resistance to energy volatility.
  • Generate income for the states through waste recycling and charges and many more.

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